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Refund Policy 

After receiving the product, in case of product problems (such as: product broken, torn, wrong size, product not working, product does not match the picture, Damage, etc.) you can get a full refund of the purchased product subject to the following conditions.

1) You have to mail to complain@anyted.com within 48 hours after receiving the delivery.
2) In case of refund, the product must be in complete undamaged condition with the box.
3) You must return the product to Anyted office at your own risk within a maximum of 7(seven) working days.

4) If for any reason the price of the product is written on the product and the merchant price of Anyted is higher than that, in case of excess price, you have to register a complaint by mail to complain@anyted.com within 48 hours. If your complaint is upheld, the excess amount paid by you will be refunded by Bkash within 10 working days.
5) In case of advance (development/rocket) payment, if the product is not in stock or if the buyer is not willing to take it, the order will be canceled and the refund will be made to the number from which the advance payment was made.
Our refunds and replacements are not applicable on Coupon offers.

Free delivery is not applicable on Coupon orders. 

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our complaints team will call you for any complaints related to products and services. For this we would like to keep you active on the phone until your complaint is resolved. If the number provided in your contact is not active, an alternate number must be active. For refund you need to tell us the method of refund. If we do not receive any kind of cooperation from you by phone or email within 15 working days, we will consider your complaint closed.


1. Product orders will be delivered subject to stock availability. Due to unavoidable reasons, the delivery of the product may take longer than the seller's promised delivery time.
2. Anyted reserves the right to cancel your order at any time due to unavoidable reasons even after order confirmation. In this case, if the advance price is paid, the necessary information for refund (Bkash No./Rocket No./Card No. and others) and if you do not accept it after giving the courier for the delivery of the product, maximum 7 days after the return of the product from the said courier to Anyted in the case of Bkash and online card. In this case money will be refunded within 10 days.
3. If for any reason the price of the product marked on the face of the Anyted merchant is higher than that, you should register a complaint within 48 hours by mail to complain@anyted.com in case of excess price. If your complaint is upheld, the excess amount paid by you will be refunded by Bhaksam within 10 working days.